• Cypress CEO to FBN: "President Obama is the Most Anti-Business President of My Life."

      Strong but frank words from Cypress Semiconductor [CY]CEO T.J. Rodgers today on Countdown to the Closing Bell.

      Rodgers has always been known as a serious Libertarian. He absolutely believes that no industry or sector should be floated by government subsidies or tax credits. If your business can't survive on its own, Rodgers says, what kind of business have you really got anyway?

      Today we talked to the high performance memory chip maker CEO in a Fox Business exclusiveabout government spending and the business climate in America.

      Rodgers complimented President Bill Clinton and his policies, along with those of Ronald Reagan which shows you he's not just spouting anti-Democrat or anti-Republican sentiment. However, listen to the clip below when I ask him about the current administration.