• Thanks to the CIA...

      ..cyber security company Arcsight [ARST] is one of the hottest commodities in the space today.

      So hot that Hewlett-Packard just spent $1.5 billion dollars to scoop it up.

      We first told you about Arcsight back in July. Countdown to the Closing Bell tries to find interesting growth companies to profile... ones that mightgive your portfolio some shine. We liked Arcsight's story: a gutsy security softward company run by an engineer who loves to design. CEO Tom Reilly came on our show back then to tell his story.

      Since then, Arcsight's stock has skyrocketed some 88% and just recently, HP made the play.

      So where, you ask, does the CIA come into play?

      Click on the link below to find out, but it may be fair to say that without the CIA's initial interest, Arcsight might never have grown to what it is today.

      Who knew the government was so good at spotting winner?


      [fbvideo 4343018]