• Black Helicopters Still Buzz Over Lehman Carcass

      While we still haven't gotten definitive word from the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission on what/who exactly caused the near implosion of the global world of finance back in 2008, Wednesday's D.C. hearings on the matter only added to the suspense.

      In a First on Fox Business interview, commission Chairman Phil Angelides and Vice Chairman Bill Thomas talked about the day's hearing, which included statements from former Lehman CEO Dick Fuld and JP Morgan's Risk Officer Barry Zubrow.

      Zubrow and Fuldaren't exactly pals. The Lehman chorus/black helicopter crowdhas said that it was JP Morgan who shoved them under the bus by issuing margin calls after JPM suddenly realized that the quality of the collateral Lehman had put up for loans wasn't exactly pristine.

      In my interview, Angelides all but pointed the finger at JPM. Check out the clip below. Not that his comment will amount to a hill of beans. Lehman filed for bankruptcy shortly after the margin calls and is now one gigantic, sadchapter in Wall Street history... but it's clearly a chapter that isn't done being written.