• DoubleClick Founder Double Clicks on New Web Venture

      Which has the most expensive tuition: Harvard, Yale or Princeton?

      What are the three tallest dinosaurs?

      Which ski mountains have the best vertical limits for expert skiers?

      With just a few key punches into FindTheBest.com, you can compare anything... not just flight prices or digital cameras.. ANYTHING. Even down to 'celebrity divas with plastic surgery'? Like I said, anything.

      FindTheBest.com is the new comparison website and the latest brainchild of Kevin O'Connor. O'Connor was the co-founder of internet ad giant DoubleClick--- one of the original internet blue chips. He joined meyesterday in a First on Fox Business interview to celebrate the site's launch.

      It's been 12 years since I last interviewed O'Connor. Back then, he was flying high as the CEO of a hugely successful dot-com company. After he sold DoubleClick for more than a billion dollars (it was later flipped to Google for $3.1 billion, he's not real thrilled he missed out on the recovery price!) he walked off into the sunset to surf in Santa Barbara.

      Monday marked his return. It's great to have one of the top internet entrepreneurs back in the game. I'm thrilled he chose Fox Business as his first stop. Click on the link below to hear what he wishes he knew during the dot-com boom what he knows now!


      [Fbvideo 4300428]