• No Sob Story Now For Saab

      Just a year ago, the quirky, Swedish car company was hanging by spark-plug. It was rescued by another quirky company, Dutch sports-car manufacturer Spyker.

      Spyker bought it when no one else would touch it. $400 million was the price tag. Then... you didn't hear much, until NOW.

      In a First on Fox Business interview, the Chairman of Saab Automobile along with the CEO brought their 'baby' to our studios to show of the new model.

      I am happy to say--- Saab lives.. But will it thrive?

      They have 3,000 orders for the new 9-5. They want that upped to 125,000 by 2012. I want to see the free market work.you should too. Check out the brand new Saab in the clip below.

      --Liz "Always-wanted-a-Saab-but-never-got-one" Claman