• With All That Taxpayer $$, Did We Really Stabilize Foreclosures?

      The answer is a flat-out NOT YET, according toNeil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General overseeing the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP).

      If you care about your taxpayer dollars and how they're being put to use, please listen to the clip below. With all our brain power in this nation, somehow both the administrations of Bush and Obama couldn't seem to come up with an idea successful enough to stabilize housing... yet.

      I'm encouraged that Barofsky is even in his position. This is why Democracy, in the end, will always work better than many alternatives. We put a smart watch-dog in place to follow the money. Barofsky is that man and while he's not at all happy about certain government use of taxpayer dollars to help stem the bloodflow of housing weakness, not all his news is bad. Check out what he outlines for you. It's your money.