• Deputy Treasury Sec'y to FBN: Geithner Thinks Warren a Good Pick for Consumer Agency

      In a Fox Business Exclusive the day Financial Reform was signed into law by President Obama, Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal Wolin joined me live in an interview to talk about both the "total elimination" of too-big-to-fail and about who might run the brand new consumer protection agency.

      I specifically asked him whether the law truly does eliminate any more taxpayer-funded bailouts... what if, I asked, banking behemoth Citi found itself in trouble? The administration wouldn't save it? Really? You must hear his answer in the clip below, as well as his response to whether TARP oversight chief Elizabeth Warren might be the pick to run the protection agency. There's been some chatter inside the beltway that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner hasn't exactly warmed to her in that role. Wolin flat out dispels that notion.

      One thing for sure: listening to Wolin you get the sense of his passion about protecting the rest of us from what we've all been through: the largest bank bailout in history on our shoulders.