• "I'll Take AIG Settlement for $725m, Alex."

      A 5-time "Jeopardy!" champion who also happens to be Ohio's Attorney General Richard Cordray-- won the ultimate competition last week: a major settlement against insurance giant AIG.

      In a lawsuit filed on behalf of Ohio's Public Employees Retirement System, State Teachers and Ohio Police and Firefighters, Ohio AG Richard Cordray alleged that AIG caused significant losses in state pension funds due to wide ranging fraud, including stock price manipulation.

      You may recall (how could we forget?) that AIG has received billions in taxpayer bailouts for writing bad derivatives bets that ended up nearly destroying the U.S. financial system.

      Listen: a LOT of states, funds and institutions want to wrest money from AIG. Cordray actually got it.

      Cordray spoke with Fox Business today in an exclusive interview. He also spoke about his next target. Who's in his sites now? Check out the clip below.