• Airbus Americas Chair to FBN: "Pentagon Being Fair, WTO not so much"

      Airbus is fighting battles on two fronts: One fight, it says, is fair. The other, the company wonders, may not be.

      In a Fox Business Exclusive today, Allan McArtor, Airbus Americas Chairman and basically the 5-star General handling the front here in the U.S., told me he "smells a rat" over at the World Trade Organization.

      In June, the WTO ruled that Airbus benefitted from illegal subsidies that came in the form of low interest government loans from European nations. Airbus is a division of European consortium EADS and is Boeing's chief aerospace competitor.

      The WTO was supposed to come out Friday with a new report on the matter but Friday came and went. Now there's a delay and Airbus wonders whether Boeing is pulling some strings.

      On a separate front, Airbus continues it's fightwith Boeing overthe $35 billion dollar Air Force contract to manufacture aerial tankers. McArtor tells us that, unlike the WTO, the Pentagon is much more fair. Watch the clip below. One of these 2 companies will win.You can tell from McArtor's tonethat Airbus will fight tooth and nail for it. It's an interview you'll only see right here on Fox Business.