• Bullish Signs From the Bunny Suits

      In case you didn't know, bunny suits are not something related to Playboy-- they'rethe white, head-to-toe suitsworkers at semiconductor chip and chip equipment makers wear when they manufacture these highly sensitive products that are the brains inside things like iPads and smart-phones.

      Intel [INTC] and Novellus [NVLS] both hopped sky-high with their latest earnings reports. Globally, semiconductor sales were strong but Asia powered a lot of the buying on the consumer end. This is good news for anyone who thought businesses, governments (who do a lot of tech buying) and the consumer were on life support.

      Novellus in particular has an interesting story.CEO Rick Hill joined me live on Countdown to talk about one bright spot in, of all places, Europe.He's a fascinating, self-made guy who got his first job in 7th grade to help support his family.

      My interview with RickHill is below. Just click on the link. I guarantee you, something in your computer may have been made by his company.