• Fin-Reg Worries? "The Banks Will Still Make Money"

      Billionaire Wall Streeter Howard Lutnick is one of the gutsiest guys in the business. He told Fox Business Tuesday that Wall Street's whining about how financial regulatory reform will crimp profits-- while not entirely unfounded-- is not really something to cry about.

      "Banks will trade less, but .... they'll still make money," Lutnick told Bulls&Bears in a tone that seemed to say, "Enough already. We'll be fine." He seemed entirely ready to look forward and move on with his business of bond and financial product trading at Cantor Fitzgerald rather than sit around and dump on Congress.

      Lutnick's firm lost more than 650 employees on 9/11, including Lutnick's brother Gary. This is a guy who knows how to put things in perspective. You've got to seehow in the clip below.


      [fbvideo 4266709]