• Airbus to FBN: The Boeing Battle is Far From Over

      Despite the World Trade Organization ruling Wednesday that indicated Airbus received prohibited export subsidies, the aerospace giant told Fox Business exclusively that this will change nothing about the way Airbus moves forward with everything from its commercial airline business to its bids for U.S. Airforce contracts.

      In a show of defiance, Allan McArtor, Chairman of Airbus Americas,quickly got inthe chair to tell Fox Business and Countdown to the Closing Bell live from D.C. that the competition (read: Boeing) is issuing "intentional misinformation" and that this ruling won't alter the way Airbus, run by European consortium EADS, does business.

      At issue are things like risk-free loans, research funding and infrastructure support the WTO says Airbus received from European Union members inviolation of trade practices.

      McArtor, the former head of Legend Airlines and a former FedEx biggie, agreed to make his case the moment Fox Business called Airbus for comment. Please listen to what he had to say. You've most likely flown on their planes before and they're battling it out with Boeing for the big air-tanker contract from the Pentagon. The clip is right below.