• Hillary Clinton to FBN: "Everyone Needs to Take a Breath."

      Hi Gang,

      Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) joined us on Countdown to the Closing Bell to explain that while Congress needs to move quickly on Treasury's $700 billion dollar bailout plan, it also needs to move efficiently and if that means taking a bit more time to get it right, then so be it.

      After meeting with the head of the New York Fed (which sure has been busy since facilitating the 'orderly' implosion of Bear Stearns (BSC) back in March...), she stepped outside to tell us that everyone in New York needs to take a breath and stay calm, that we'll get through this. She told me she's spoken to Senator Barack Obama and that he has a solid grasp of the situation. Both Democrats and Republicans want more details in the 2 1/2 page plan. Don't you? It's YOUR money! See the clip of our interview below.