• Latest Lehman Lore

      Hi gang,

      Embattled Lehman fights on.

      How can you not root for this team???

      In the past 10 days alone, we've had supah-stah banking analyst Dick Bove saying Lehman Brothers (LEH) "has" to make a deal within 3 days (that was 6 days ago) to stay alive...or else.

      We've had rumours abound that Korea Development Bank would bite off a 50% stake in Lehman. Then subsequent follow-up stories that Lehman was deemed too risky, or that the South Korean government would never endorse such a deal.

      We've listened to the whispers that Lehman CEO Dick Fuld has mere days, hours, minutes (depending on which blog you read) before some type of mutiny comes to pass and he gets booted like Captain William Bligh.

      I remind you all... Bligh was pushed off the Bounty by the mutineers andonto a tiny lifeboat out into the Pacific with just a fewloyalists, along with few if any provisions only to come roaring back to England and to SURVIVE IT ALL....including a brutal, 47-day voyage in theovercrowded little launch. Dick Fuld, I predict, may very well pull a Captain Bligh and find a way to do it. But until then, no one inside Lehman is talking. The Next-Best-Thing? BRAD HINTZ, another supah-stah (that's the Liz-Vision term for much-followed and often-quoted) analyst and former Lehman CFO who came on Fox Business first yesterday to give his prediction. Here's the link below. And yes, I know, I know. Captain Bligh was considered brutally tough on his crew but you can't deny he pulled off the surprise survival story of the century. I'll keep watching Lehman and I hope you'll keep watching us on Fox Business.