• The Sort of Person One Would Want at Obama's Elbow

      That's how columnist George Will described Senator Barack Obama's Senior Economic Advisor Austan Goolsbee. Today we gotGoolsbee in front of our viewers on Countdown to the Closing Bell to find out just exactly what Obama's plans are for the U.S. economy if he were to be elected president.

      Let me pull out some important points the campaign is putting forth regarding Senator Obama's plan:

      --The top two income-tax brackets would return to their 1990s levels of 36% and 39.6% (including the exemption and deduction phase-outs). All other brackets would remain as they are today.

      --The top capital-gains rate for families making more than $250,000 would return to 20%--the lowest rate that existed in the 1990s and the rate President Bush proposed in his 2001 tax cut.

      --The tax rate on dividends would also be 20% for families making more than $250,000 rather than returning to the ordinary income rate.

      --The campaign says the estate tax would be effectively repealed for 99.7% of estates, andretained at a 45% rate for estates valuedat over $7 million per couple.

      Everyone has questions..I certainly had a few. If you're a smart voter, you've got questions too. I hope once you watch the clip things might be clearer for you no matter what side of the aisle you sit on in this great country.