• Rocket Man: Elon Musk fires up his entrepreneurial engines

      Hey gang,

      Coming to you from Los Angeles where I just had to interrupt my vacation because I couldn't miss the opportunity to bring you Elon Musk's story. Let me back up and give youthe first few chaptersin a nutshell:

      -Born in South Africa

      -Split for the U.S. on his own as a teenager and headed to college at U.Penn

      -Got accepted to Stanford graduate school to study Physics, but ditched it after a mere TWO DAYS because he's just one of those kids who had the guts to take "road less traveled" (my favorite poem, by the way)

      -Started up a dot-com/tech company, sold it for $400 million

      -Co-founded PayPal which later sold for $1.4 billion

      Are you with me so far? Alright, so he had a chunk of change and always had a passion for tackling the world'smore pressingproblems. He decided to become the major investor of Tesla Motors, the all-battery powered sports car company and is currently Chairman. But something happened on the way to the auto assembly line. Elon is one of these people who doesn't just do "one thing." Concurrently with his Tesla efforts, he decided to found---are you ready? A ROCKET SHIP COMPANY. The concept behind Space Exploration, or SpaceX for short, is to buildinexpensive, reusable rockets. Right now,if you want to send something up on a Lockheed Martin or Boeing rocketit'll cost you more than$130 million dollars. Elon's Falcon rockets will'only' set you back up to$38 million dollars. Seriously, it's a big difference and could be a game-changer in the world of rocketry. NASA thinks so... it's granted him $273 million in seed money to make this thing fly. SpaceX is still in the testing phase but I want you to seehim and hear his story because here's a 37 year old guy who's already done more in his life than most people accomplish in a lifetime. He's quite inspiring in his low-key, I'll-never-give-up-trying way. When I meet people like Elon, I get insipired to try harder to reach my own life goals. Check out the two clips from my interview this past Monday and then tell me what you think of this Space Cowboy.