• Super Mario eyeing telecom??

      Hey gang,

      Coming to you from Los Angeles where tomorrow I'll be live in Hawthorne, California. I'll be introducing you to a real-live Rocket-Man, Elon Musk. He's the co-founder of PayPal, and his company SpaceX is trying to become the WalMart of rockets ships.. making them cheaper and reusable for the future. More on that in a minute.

      But first, Mario Gabelli, Chairman and CEO of Gabelli Asset Management Company (GBL), stopped by my 'crib' at Fox Business. He hung out with me in Studio B for "Countdown to the Closing Bell" to talk about where he's putting his company's vast fortune next. Here's why you should listen to Mario: out of all the thousands of mutual funds out there, THREE of his have beaten the S&P 500 *NINE YEARS STRAIGHT*. But you'll see in the clips how he snapped at me when I gave him that stat... he doesn't care about those metrics. That's not how he invests. Hear how he *does* work his investors' money and where he's looking next. And make sure to watch Fox Business on Monday starting at 11am ET. I'll be live next to the Falcon 9, a rocket ship upon which NASA is betting big bucks. SpaceX, the company that makes it, is trying hard to go where no other American Space company has gone: to the land of inexpensive and reusable rockets. Oh, and its founder Elon Musk? He's also the man at the helm of Tesla Motors which makes the first battery-powered high-end sports car. I hope he brings one of his Roadsters with him to show us.

      Have fun checking out our time with Gabelli. He's feisty, awfully interesting, and knows how to make money.