• OMG, you'll soon B able to email in fl8ght!

      Aircell is getting a lot of attention from the Blackberry-obsessed to the Frequent Flyer: that's becauseAircell isthe only company that's been authorized by the FCC and the FAA to use cellular frequencies for in-flight communications. They've just struck deals with Delta and American Airlines to outfit jets with wi-fi. Yes, that means you will be able to send and receive emails, surf the internet, and instant message your buddiesat 30,000 feet. Imagine the possibilities: You're heading to California from NYC, which I often do, and oops, forgot the bikini. Just hop on Victoriassecret.com or Roxy.com, shop online, pay extra for overnighting it and boom, your problem is solved. If you're on a business trip, think of all the work you can get done or how you can email your kids so they know you're thinking of them. In a Fox Business Exclusive, we talked to Jack Blumenstein, the President and CEO of Aircell. Wait til you see the animation in the clipof *how* Aircell works. He says the system isn't ready yet for Trans-Atlantic flights but works flying across the continent because the antennae signalshop from cell tower to cell tower. My favorite part is where we talked about when the concept for the company first came up: 1991. The founder, Jimmy Ray, was sitting in a barbecue restaurant in Denison, Texas when he began wondering about how to create an affordable telephone system for airplanes. HE ACTUALLY MADE SKETCHES ON A PAPER NAPKIN! 17 years later, Jimmy's idea is becoming reality. Delta says all its jets will be wi-fi enabled by mid-2009. Listen to this terrific story. Oh, and Jack says stay tuned for the I.P.O. We will, Jack!