Its employees may be grumbling, but now we know why 10 P.M. Thanksgiving night, Walmart's doors are opening.

Apparently, they could use the money.

And for Walmart it was a miss as good as a mile.

And a 2.9 percent profit slip that for analysts, was worse than thought.

Never mind the giant retailer reported its first quarterly revenue gain in more than two years... it's not squeezing as much as it had hoped off those maybe squeeze a little bit more out of their workers and get 'em in a little early on Turkey Day to set the stage for maybe a strong holiday.

Walmart has reason to feel a little paranoid...because retail spending elsewhere is doing OK.

Up half a percent for all U.S. Retailers last month. And that follows a strong 1.1 percent advance in September.

That shows that retailers, especially those selling electronics items, got off to a strong start this fourth quarter.

Just not Walmart.

Which is just so unusual.

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