Special Guests: Donald Trump - Trump Organization Chairman

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Verizon Wireless -- we're getting reports right now that the company is suffering a disruption nationwide in their 4G service, the data service, across the United States. You know, every thing is, the latest and the greatest 4G is the fastest (INAUDIBLE) before you even type it in.

Well, apparently, it's being disrupted nationally. That's all we can say.

Some of you, a matter of fact, watching us on something 4G related.

Well, obviously, you're not hearing any of these. You have no idea of what I'm talking about. But talk to your friends who aren't on it. They'll let you know that's why you're screwed up.

All right. well, at least Mitt called him up to say no. Do any of you remember this?

As to this Donald Trump-hosted debate, yes or no.


Mitt ROMNEY (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I spoke with Donald Trump earlier today and indicated that we just can't make this debate. We're going to focus on the two we've got and then some campaigning.


CAVUTO: Well, today, the Donald RSVPs back to the Mitt-meister. Take a look.



TRUMP: Well, I was a little bit surprised because, as you know, he's come up to see me and we've had lots of conversation and he wants my endorsement. But I can also understand it. He's under a lot of pressure and I can understand it. But I was a little bit surprised. I really thought he would have said, you know, let's go and unfortunately, I guess for him and his group, he is doing not so well in the polls but that's not, you know, that's always subject to change but you would think that if you're behind in the polls, you'd want to be debating and we would have tremendous ratings. That's one thing. You know, I'm good at ratings and we would have gotten great ratings.

CAVUTO: (INAUDIBLE) and you still might. I want to ask you though you are being a lot more kind in your reaction to Mitt dropping out than Jon Huntsman. Why?

TRUMP: Well, I like Mitt. I don't know Jon Huntsman. I respect the family and I really -- I actually think I probably would like him. I just don't know him very well. He called me once to set up a meeting and we didn't have that meeting. We didn't set it up. But I really don't know Jon Huntsman. I didn't like his stance on China. I heard what he said about China. I fully understand what's going on with China. I do business with China.

CAVUTO: Yes but he went a little more than that. He's saying he would not kiss your ring and he wouldn't kiss any other piece of your anatomy.

What do you make of that?

TRUMP: Well, that is OK. Look, it is just a phrase. I (INAUDIBLE) the phrase and I think he probably regrets that he said it. But I think -- honestly he looks like a very nice guy. I just don't him. He does a wonderful job up at the Wharton School of Finance where I went and it's a great school, the number one business school in the world as far as I'm concerned.

So, you know, just right there I like him but he is having a hard time. He is having a hard time generating support and you know, he seems -- honestly he really seems like a nice guy but I don't know him.

CAVUTO: All right. You left Senator Santorum and former Speaker Gingrich. Others, I guess, could still join but what are you going to do if it is just those two?

TRUMP: Well, we will see. It is a news max debate. News Max is a powerful organization, a good organization. And they asked me to do it.

And I said I would do it. I was a little surprise to get (INAUDIBLE) Mitt because he wants my endorsement not that this would have anything to do with it but he would like to have my endorsement -

CAVUTO: That does make it less likely that he is?

TRUMP: No. I don't want really to put this together with that but everybody wants my endorsement. I represent a lot of people. I represent millions and millions of people as you know, you just have to look at the websites but I represent millions of people that are tired of seeing this country rip-off. And that is why the candidates have come up to Trump Tower. They have come up to see me.

I've gotten to know -- I've known Herman Cain very well who I think, I mean obviously suffered greatly over the last few weeks but I think he's a great guy.

And I got to know Mitt just the other day, he came up and amazing, I mean, he was really, I really like him. I got to know him and of course, Newt, was up very recently and he's a rocket ship. I call him the rocket ship. Look at what he's done.

I mean he's gone from pretty low to

absolutely top of the heap and I tell you what. There's a reason for it.

He is decisive. He's smart.

You know, it's very interesting with Newt. They talked about the debate he immediately said yes, absolutely. I love it. Great forum and I like that kind of decisiveness.

CAVUTO: He could be a rocket but other rockets have come and gone within the party. Are you afraid that he just might be the latest?

TRUMP: No, I don't think so. I think he's a person that's been in the spotlight for many, many years. He's been very successful at being a politician. You know, some have not been as successful as him and he has been. And I also know him and I know him pretty well and he is a pretty smart guy. I don't see a crash and burn. I really don't. I think people are hoping against hope that don't want to see that happen. And I don't see that happening at all. He will be very formidable right up until the end and the end is either a win or a loss but I think he's going to be very, very formidable.

CAVUTO: Well, are you open to running, you said you might reconsider?

Are you open to that?

TRUMP: I will tell you that if the Republicans get the right candidate and it doesn't necessarily have to be somebody that I'm going to endorse and I will be endorsing somebody, I will be extremely happy if they get the right candidate.

CAVUTO: But if not, if not, are you open to running?

TRUMP: Well, then my options are open. Don't forget, when I left because I have a very successful show and you understand that better than anybody. When I left I was number one in the polls. I was leading in the polls so it wasn't like "oh, gee, I left and you know -- "

CAVUTO: So would be open to returning? You'd be open to returning.

TRUMP: I would be open to returning but I would rather not return. I would rather have the Republicans pick somebody that's going to be a great president.


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