Special Guests: Sean Hannity - Host of Hannity on Fox News Channel

CAVUTO: (INAUDIBLE) the media trying to make him seem nutty, you know, like Perry is crazy and grenade thrower and Bachman is an idiot? You know, in other words, that is how they try to present it. That one by one they try to knock them down.

HANNITY: They said Ronald Reagan was an amiable dunce. You know, Dan Quayle was an idiot. Sarah Palin, I think, you know, her economic policies would lead to prosperity. You know, it's funny because -

CAVUTO: How do you get all these guys for interviews?

HANNITY: I tell them I know you.

CAVUTO: He is coming on with us afterward.

HANNITY: I see Bob Beckel in the greenroom and you bring Beckel on and attack me after I get off the air. Why don't you bring us both on together.

CAVUTO: (INAUDIBLE) something in your contract that you can't be on together. Only on your show.

HANNITY: That's not true.

CAVUTO: No, I'm kidding. But he is meant to counter you and his -

HANNITY: That is impossible.

CAVUTO: (INAUDIBLE) his view, Sean, and others who espouse his views is that, you know, the president, nest to deal with. Inherited this big old mess.

HANNITY: Blah, blah, blah.

CAVUTO: Careful. Now the hurricane is just one more piece of a mess. But this time, this hurricane, given its severity, given just its sheer size -

HANNITY: I can't take it.

CAVUTO: It is going to be a reason for more spending.

HANNITY: Listen, I can't take it. I'll tell you why. This president needs to put his pants on like a man and sit at the table. He blames everybody. He blames the Arab spring. The Japanese earthquake. He blames the tsunami. You know, if the dog bites, if the bee stings, if you're feeling sad.

CAVUTO: (INAUDIBLE) I blame the thyroid for the weight thing. So it works for me. You say that that's going to get old.

HANNITY: It's old.

CAVUTO: I agree but it doesn't register. I mean all the disapproval ratings in the world, aren't you surprised he is not lower?

HANNITY: Well, 55 percent disapproval rating for a president this late in his presidency. It's only Harry Truman that was able to overcome that. Look, in many ways, let me give the president a sort of backhanded compliment. He has been successful. He got his agenda --.

CAVUTO: Don't forget that doing what he wants to do he has been very good at.

HANNITY: Well, think about it.

CAVUTO: Right.

HANNITY: He wanted a stimulus. He got a stimulus that we predicted wouldn't work. Look, you know, Japan, the lost decade and now it's well beyond, they tried multiple stimuluses on with regularity and never worked.

CAVUTO: To what avail.

HANNITY: To what avail.

CAVUTO: Right.

HANNITY: This president got his agenda through. He got his stimulus. He got his budgets. He got his health care plan. He got his plan in place. Finally Debbie Wasserman Schultz, David Plouffe and others admit that this is his economy. He is not going to be able to run on the economy. I predict here on your program, this is going to be one of the most vicious, vile, horrific political campaigns in terms of personal attack. First indications are, kill Romney in a political article. Perry is dumb. Anything but dumb when he created 47 percent of the jobs.

CAVUTO: Pound, pound, pound.

HANNITY: It's going to be pound, pound. Every time I come on your show you pound me and you pound me and you bring on Beckel and pound me more.

CAVUTO: 15 years and you have just rocketed. You have rocketed.

HANNITY: Can I say one thing?

CAVUTO: You've rocketed.

HANNITY: When I first worked at the Fox News Channel you were then and are today the nicest person to me. You were the nicest person.

CAVUTO: I knew you would be a big deal. So I was going to suck up to you. I had no idea you would be rich deal. I was egging to manage your money. What did I tell you "I said give me money. I will be back to you in 30 years." We make it 25.

HANNITY: How many times have I ran into you on the street and I say "Neil, where should I put -

CAVUTO: Give it to me and I give it back to you.

HANNITY: How long is it going to take?

CAVUTO: Twenty five years.

HANNITY: And how much? You know?

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