Special Guests: Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Now the president is taking heat from ICE. The Immigration Agents Union reportedly boycotting the training on new immigration rules. Members are saying that the administration's push to speed up deportations of a few illegals with criminal records will allow the many other illegals to stay in the country.

The union head saying the White House is using this to win support from immigrant communities. Retired INS special agent Michael Cutler says if this is a reelection strategy, it could eat a dangerous one. First of all, Michael, can the administration do this?

MICHAEL CUTLER, FORMER ICE AGENT: Thank you for having me on. Look, I guess they think they can, because they're doing it. Somebody needs to be made accountable at some point. You know, what most people forget is why we have immigration laws in the first place. And it's to keep people out of our country whose presence is harmful or even dangerous to the well- being of our nation and our citizens.

So when you provide encouragement for more people to run the border, you wind up, of necessity, with more bad guys, with more people competing for jobs.

CAVUTO: But they -- aren't they arguing, look, we are doing trying to go after the really bad guys, make sure we track where they are?

CUTLER: Well, that's the cover story.

CAVUTO: But they're really not?

CUTLER: They're really not, because when you have people running the border, there's no record of their entry. You don't know if they ran the border because they simply want a job or maybe they committed a heinous crime in their home country and they are fleeing law enforcement.

Are they coming here because they're part of a drug cartel, a terrorist organization? So these folks won't show up in criminal histories here. But they are dangerous.

If you look at what's in Latin America right now, we have Iranian shock troops -- they have Iranian shock troops stationed in Venezuela. We're seeing Iran --

CAVUTO: Chavez and Ahmadinejad met again, right?

CUTLER: Yes. They are ramping up their nuclear programs. There's supposed to be a second plant that's coming online.

CAVUTO: But there is a trend to it, right? You were telling me before they're cutting back on the border patrol agents, using drones instead, ostensibly, they say to do a better job. Going after Arizona, every legal nook and cranny.

CAVUTO: Does it deliver votes for the administration? Is there an ipso facto?

CUTLER: It's funny because I was with Lou Barletta a couple of weeks ago. He was the mayor of Hazleton. Now he's the congressman. Over at the Hazleton case, I was his final witness. And someone asked me about profiling. And Is aid, isn't it profiling when you talk about the Jewish vote, the black vote, the Latino vote? How can you look at someone and know who they are going to vote for?

You know, we're all different and we all have different concerns and different perspectives. So the simplistic idea that we are going to put Americans into little pigeonholes, and say, oh, the Latinos will vote for the president if -- I know plenty of folks who happen to be of Latin origins, who are very much concerned about open borders.

CAVUTO: But obviously the administration, say what you will, very, very astute politically, I think. And obviously looking at the balance of this and saying we protect our base more. We protect a group that traditionally votes Democratic more. In the scheme of things, just like they do with the environmentalist on delaying this pipeline, all to our advantage.

CUTLER: Does the Constitution say they're supposed to protect their base or America and Americans? Again, when it --

CAVUTO: Protect their base.

CUTLER: You wonder why so many people are fed up with politicians and why their approval rating is in the tank. The bottom line is I don't think most Americans feel that they are being represented by the very same government that they pay taxes too. We say a pledge of allegiance to the American flag. Wouldn't it be nice if the politicians said a pled of allegiance to the people that they were elected to represent?

CAVUTO: Not a bad concept. Michael, always good seeing you, my friend. Be well.

CUTLER: Thanks.

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