Special Guests: Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: --in Washington. Fair and balanced. Next we've got Dennis who says this ad that we've been talking about isn't really the menace here. It's a lot of folks -- millionaires included -- skirting their patriotic duty and not paying more, not doing more, not thinking more of others.

With me now, the Ohio democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich, a man who speaks his mind very eloquently I might point out.

Congressman, here's my theory. You heard Liz Cheney, you hear the argument on the (INAUDIBLE) very articulately and eloquently yourself. I see the two sides not even remotely close to bridging the divide. So I see a year of nothing getting done. Am I right?

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH (D), OHIO: I don't know if that's true. I mean, the American people are not going to tolerate a congress that is unable to do anything about jobs, that looks the other way when the trade deficit keeps rising, that isn't doing anything about the fact that the net worth of the American people have collapsed about 2.4 trillion and (INAUDIBLE).

CAVUTO: Who's not doing anything?

KUCINICH: This is a -- this is -- it's -- well, what I'm pointing out to you is that congress has to cooperate to come up with economic solutions. And the administration has to be part of that.

CAVUTO: Yes, but I guess what I'm saying, Dennis -- congressman, sorry -- that there is none of that. You know? They're so far, far -- republicans say, "Well, here's what we want to do, you don't want to do, Mr. President." The president turns around, "Well, here's what you want to do. I don't want to do that." This latest thing on the payroll tax cut -- the one (INAUDIBLE) to the republicans that is this Keystone thing, to get that done, the president said, "No, that's going to go nowhere fast." So here we be. Nothing.

KUCINICH: Well, we have to create more wealth in this society. I mean, we cannot--.

CAVUTO: How do we do that? What would Dennis Kucinich do?

KUCINICH: I -- first, a thing, we've talked about this before, get control of the Fed which is really helping build the wealth of private banks and not the American people. We have to -- we have to reclaim our sovereign part to be able to invest in our own country so that we can create jobs, create opportunities for education and health care and secure the retirement for America's seniors -- that's--.

CAVUTO: But congressman, on that point alone, does it trouble you that your skepticism and concern about the Fed is on the exact same page as Andrew Napolitano?

KUCINICH: Here comes the judge. He's right. And I -- and I agree with him on that. We lost our sovereignty in 1913 when we gave the Fed the ability to basically privatize all the decisions with respect to money in America. I mean, you can't be a strong nation--.

CAVUTO: Well, we did that because you guys are all just theatre and show. No offense.

KUCINICH: 1913 -- I was born in '46 so (INAUDIBLE).

CAVUTO: Please don't do that. I'm saying -- you know what I'm saying. I'm talking about congress. You know what I'm saying, sir, that look, you can politicize this process and you ought to have a seamless way of handling huge financial issues with keeping the politics out. I'm not an apologist for the Fed or central banks in general of the world but the argument was they would be the adults and you guys are the screaming children.

KUCINICH: No, they're -- you know, they're taking care of a few at the expense of the many. Look, we wouldn't have to have taxes at the level they're at right now. I mean, this whole debate about taxes -- we wouldn't even be having it because the whole thing would be the government would have money, we wouldn't have to borrow it from China or Japan, South Korea. We wouldn't have to go to the banks to be able to support the United States of America. What we would be doing is simply our sovereign power to be able to spend the money into circulation that we need, when we need it, use taxation only to cool off a super-heated economy. Our whole economic system is wrong and it's only helping a few at the expense of the many. That's my problem with it.

CAVUTO: All right. Well, if I see you and the judge at the -- at Dennys, breakfast, comparing notes and ideas, the world has ended. But I'll tell you what, congressman, you always speak your mind and you're a man of great integrity, wrong on a lot of these issues, but you have really great integrity. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding you.

Congressman, have a merry Christmas if we don't chat again. Always good seeing you.

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