Another go showing the unions no love. This time, it is not Republican Chris Christie in New Jersey. This time it's democrat Andrew Cuomo next door in New York.

Cuomo clamping down, pushing union members to pony up, and now unions are fed up and now fighting back. Tonight a democrat base getting in his face.

The Keystone cop out. Republicans lashing out at the president's decision to knock out a job creating pipeline. Then if image is everything then this image tell you every thing you need to know about Carnival Cruise Lines futures. The picture that could sink an entire company.

Well, this guy might be getting all the attention because he wants to lower taxes in his state, but what if I told you his democratic neighbor next door stands to make an even bigger splash because he is going after runaway public pension costs in his state. Mark it down, Andrew Cuomo national standing may have just shot up.

Welcome everybody. I'm Neil Cavuto, and you would expect to hear Chris Christie arguing for lower taxes in his state. So probably good for him.

You would not expect to hear Andrew Chromo willing to take on a fight with public unions in his state. Maybe really good for him because if Governor Cuomo gets his way he might be on his way to defining new democrats, those who see the writing of the budget wall, and it is red, lot of red.

And Cuomo saying that a lot of that red has to do with state obligations to public workers that taxpayers simply cannot afford. So Cuomo has an idea, why not put state employees on the same traditional pension plans to which private workers have long since migrated.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D), NEW YORK: Why wouldn't you want to give the person the option? If the person says, this better suits my financial situation and it is cheaper for government, why wouldn't you do it?


Now, the 401(k) is OK for them, why not public workers who have long hated them. Sure, it's nice to have a pension set in stone but you got to be stoned to think the way we're going New York and any other state could continue paying for the privilege. Cuomo woke up to that. Unions already promising to fight in big time for that. He is ready, and in what has to be a Fox Business first, he has got a libertarian radio icon and best-selling right wing author as they call him, cheering him on.

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