Special Guests: Rolf Potts - Travel Writer


CAVUTO: The cost of flying is soaring and your money is soaring out of your pockets. How about filling your pockets with something else. Maybe your luggage? Impossible you say?

Well, I want you to meet the guy who says you're wrong, really wrong. He ditched his bags, all his bags. Stuffed his pockets to travel all the way around the world in 42 days. And his boxers or briefs lived to tell about it. Rolf Potts is a travel writer, adventure man, and clearly copied my idea about flying commando to avoid the hassles. But congratulations. You did this. And you didn't even have to go commando.

ROLF POTTS, TRAVEL WRITER: And I'm here full circle after six weeks.

CAVUTO: So you have pants with a lot of pockets, right? And you would stuff your clothes in there, right?

POTTS: Yeah. This pocket is made by Scotty Vest. It's designed with 18 pockets. Actually, most everything I brought was in the vest itself. I have cargo pants, but I didn't really put much in there.

CAVUTO: What did you put in there?

POTTS: An extra pair of underwear, an extra pair of socks, an extra t-shirt, which I washed every day, some toothpaste. I have bad eyesight, so I had some contact solution, some sunscreen, a bluetooth keyboard, an iPod. That's about it.

CAVUTO: All carried on your person?

POTTS: That's correct. Yeah. And except for some clothes I have drying now, I'm still wearing it right now.

CAVUTO: Did you bathe at all?

POTTS: I bathed twice a day.

CAVUTO: Really?

POTTS: Yeah.

CAVUTO: So you would, swap clothes during that? Because the basic clothes are the same. It's just the underwear that was different, right?

POTTS: And the t-shirt. So the contact clothes I changed every day. Sometimes I would --.

CAVUTO: Did you wash the other clothes you had?

POTTS: I did. I would go in. At the end of the day, I would wash myself, wash my clothes in the shower.

CAVUTO: I see. OK. OK. So you never stunk at any point? People weren't leaving tables next to you?

POTTS: They weren't, even after 42 days. So I'm very proud of that. Even my friends were saying come on, man.

CAVUTO: Why did you do it, first off?

POTTS: Well, this was sort of a childhood dream to try it. You know, when I was a kid dreaming of travel, I didn't think of what I would bring with me. I dreamt of what I would do. So it was sort of this romantic notion. And I turned it into reality. I met the CEO of Scotty Vest who made these clothes. He said, we'll send you some clothes to field test. I said, why send me clothes to field test when you can send me around the world with no luggage. That tickled his imagination. Here I am.

CAVUTO: Then you hit paydirt. Security at airports, how did that go?

POTTS: Amazingly smoothly. I was surprised. I was a little bit worried that I might get -- be suspected, you know, a solo male with no bags at all.

CAVUTO: Yes. Usually that is supposed to be a red alarm right there.

POTTS: Yes, but it was fine, which was not for me.

CAVUTO: Did they assume that you had checked luggage? Maybe that was it?

POTTS: Maybe. I didn't do a post-interview with every security officer I talked to, but --.

CAVUTO: Would you have to empty your pockets of the clothes? No, just like the toothpaste and all that stuff?

POTTS: Yes. I put the liquids in a plastic baggie. I took the vest off and put it on the belt.

CAVUTO: But would your pockets be bulging with the t-shirt and underwear and all that other stuff or not.

POTTS: Slightly. Slightly. The pockets are on the inside. So I don't look like I'm a trout fisherman or anything.

CAVUTO: So you had no security issues anywhere?

POTTS: I didn't. I really suspected --.

CAVUTO: Where did you travel, by the way.

POTTS: I went through 12 countries, Western Europe, U.K. France, Spain, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, touched in Australia, went to New Zealand, and came back to this --

CAVUTO: How was Singapore? They tend to be rough on this stuff.

POTTS: I was a little nervous. They had all of these questions on their form about being in Africa. It was smooth.

CAVUTO: You weren't chewing gum there or anything? They go spastic about that.

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