Special Guests: Ken Langone - Home Depot Co-Founder

NEIL CAVUTO, FBN HOST: Well, if the polls prove true and that's always a big "if", will this be less of a victory for Mitt Romney and more of a rejection of Newt Gingrich? Because the GOP still not saying "Gee whiz" when it comes to Mitt Romney. Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone now supporting Romney

for his (INAUDIBLE) New Jersey governor Chris Christie to Romney. Joins me on the phone.

Ken, always good having you.

KEN LANGONE, HOME DEPOT CO-FOUNDER: Thanks for having me, Neil.

CAVUTO: It is a nasty race in Florida. Of course, all races are nasty. I don't remember a time they haven't been. But do you think there's damage to the party with how (INAUDIBLE) this has gotten?

LANGONE: No. As a matter of fact, I think this whole process is going to toughen up Governor Romney. He's going to be well-prepared for everything that's thrown at him. And I think in that context, it's good.

It's sort of like practicing for the main event. And I think he's going to get the nomination with no difficulty. I think frankly, Neil, it's the media who wants to keep this alive more than anybody else because it gives you a lot - you guys a lot of things to talk about.

CAVUTO: Now, you would expect far more sinners to stuff of us than on (INAUDIBLE).

LANGONE: No, no. Not Neil - not Neil Cavuto.

CAVUTO: Well, Ken, let me ask you about it. It's an interesting idea because the rap against this race in Florida, however it works out, is that you had better than $20 million in ads. I know that's just lunch money to you - but $20 million in negative ads and it's gotten very, very nasty and very few of them addressing some of the big issues. So whoever wins it has ultimately failed an opportunity to connect with voters on the issues that matter. What do you make of that?

LANGONE: Remember, the primary - the big issue in a primary is picking the guys that's going to represent the party. There'll be plenty of time in the general election to address the issues. All we need is to reflect on the State of the Union last Tuesday night. I've got to tell you something. Our president was talking about a country I can't relate to.

But that's going to be for the general election. Right now, the purpose of a primary is to decide which person should represent the party in the general election and that's happening. I've got to tell you this (INAUDIBLE) preparing for the big thing. I think Governor Romney has come an awfully long way in the last month and I think a lot of this is due to the fact that he had to be out there with the likes of Newt Gingrich and Santorum and Ron Paul and whoever else. And the media too, by the way. So I don't view it as a spinning wheel or not address on the big issues. The big issue is who's going to be President of the United States and that's happening now.

CAVUTO: In the state of Florida itself, when they do these mock matchups with (INAUDIBLE) campaigns. They don't necessarily mean a lot but they're interesting, and one poll has Barack Obama beating Mitt Romney by 8 points in this state which kind of surprised me because he - you're looking at 10 percent unemployment, you're looking at a state that's having a heap of problems and in a state like this, by far the biggest of the bunch to vote yet. They like Barack Obama more. If you're any one of the Republican candidates vying for this nomination, would that worry you?

LANGONE: No. I think - I think the mission of the Republican candidate - whoever it is - is purely and simply this is what you have - this President has made it very clear where he wants to take this country.

And I think frankly the American people are not interested in going with it. I think - I think Governor Romney brings a lot of important things to the process. One of which is this background in business - very successful, very ethical, very well-done. I was watching - I know that you had Leon (INAUDIBLE) on this show last week. It wasn't - it wasn't taking advantage of the tax laws. It was abided by the tax laws. People don't take advantage of a tax law. The law's the law and this is what you can do and what you can't do.

CAVUTO: And by the way, he paid full taxes (INAUDIBLE).

LANGONE: Absolutely.

CAVUTO: We forget this argument.

LANGONE: He makes a good point too, Neil, and that point is when he gives money to charity, to me, I view my charitable deduction or my charitable (INAUDIBLE) money, the whole idea is that's like taxes as far as we're concerned. But giving it to the help - to help other people who are less blessed than we are. And this is what Obama's preaching when he talks about the one percent paying their fair share. I'd sure like to see some of these politicians' tax returned. We know some of them - we know how much Al Gore gave when he was vice president. I think it was 2 or 3 (INAUDIBLE). I mean, look, I think Governor Romney is a decent man. I think there's nothing in his past that we have to worry about. And more importantly, I think he will address the big issue in America - job creation, period.

CAVUTO: We shall see. Period. You're the best, buddy. Thank you very much. Ken Langone.

LANGONE: Thanks. You look good, Neil. I like that striped shirt you've got on.

CAVUTO: Oh, that's nice. In this frozen image we have of you, you look good. But then again, you always do, Ken.

LANGONE: Thanks, Neil.

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