Special Guests: Senator Dean Heller (R-Nev.)

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Before you look for the union label first look for the union attack ads. Three senators are finding out the hard way tonight.

You try to make tough choices in Washington. Unions are going to make it very tough for you to get reelected. Wait until you find out how tough.

Because this ad isn't just targeting those senators. It was meant for the super committee as well.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:(INAUDIBLE) protected millionaires over my health.


CAVUTO: Fannie and Freddie execs passing the buck after raking in big bonuses bucks. But Congress now saying what the buck.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The (INAUDIBLE) through the gates of hell and you want us (INAUDIBLE) bonuses while the people change the tires.

CAVUTO: Then why did everyone seemed to punt on Penn state? Just like they did at first with the likes of Enron, WorldCom. When money talks and people stop talking. All the talk and all the rage right now.

Well, you know, it is enough to make a senator wonder what the heck is going on. Nevada Republican Dean Heller is the target of a new union ad that takes the throwing grandma of the cliff thing to new heights or should I say new depths.

Welcome everybody. I'm Neil Cavuto. And we wonder why nothing ever seems to get done in Washington. Those who try, fry. The union is targeting three senators who dare proposing fixing Medicare, Medicaid as part of that huge debt deal even as our huge hits an unthinkable level crossing $15 trillion today. And at this point, a deal, any deal is far from a done deal. Maybe this could be right.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you cut my Medicare, Senator Heller, I will remember it every time I visit my doctor. My friends will remember it, too. All of them. Call Senator Heller and tell them to protect Medicare and Medicaid.


CAVUTO: And all this because the senator has mentioned, well, the unmentionable. Medicare and Medicaid. That they cannot be sustained the way they are going. So (INAUDIBLE) the news in mid course correcting and never mind if they did not consider that. These entitlements have clashed.

Now it is the senators trying to prevent that who are the ones burning.

Now to the Nevada Republicans, Senator Dean Heller on whether he is feeling that heat. Senator, they're going after you.

SEN. DEAN HELLER (R), NEVADA: Neil, thank you for having me on your show.

CAVUTO: What do you make of this. You're a big target because you dared raise some of these entitlements, Medicaid and Medicare, more specifically.

HELLER: Right.

CAVUTO: As those whose growth at least has to be curbed. Not cut, just curbed.

HELLER: Obviously. Obviously, Neil, I want to protect and preserve social security and Medicare. This is the problem with this ad. And that is there is only one candidate in the Senate race that has actually voted to cut Medicare, and that is Congresswoman Shelly Berkeley. So has two big problems. One, she cut, half a trillion dollars through the Obamacare vote, and also, she voted during the debt increased to cut it another two to three percent.

So the only person in this Senate race that has actually voted to cut Medicare is Congresswoman Shelly Berkeley.


CAVUTO: To be fair, senator. (INAUDIBLE) opportunity to get your opponent on here. I do want to raise though the bigger issue about whether this makes you think twice about even tinkering with these programs because what will happen is they will come back at you and like I say, the throwing granny off a cliff for worse.

HELLER: Well, first of all as I just said my goal, my job is to protect and preserve. Both of those programs, social security and Medicare. And I will not do anything that would affect or impact anybody who is currently in either one of these systems. That is far cry, far different than how my opponent has voted.

CAVUTO: So where are we going here? I mean very few in your party beyond talking about the need to get entitlement reforms, and get the growth curb. When it comes to specifics, may they look at what happened to Paul Ryan when he had his own Medicare plan that was sort of universally quashed, even by many in your own party. They've been very, very reluctant to offer details. So you start providing the vaguest of details and you're electrocuted. It is going to make you go slow now or what?

HELLER: See, Neil, I don't think that's the issue. I think the big issue here especially in the senatorial race is the ability to create jobs.

Everything that my opponent has voted for. She voted to bail out Wall Street. She voted to bail out the big banks. She voted to bail out


CAVUTO: I'm not talking about (INAUDIBLE). I'm wondering if this is giving you pause. That's sort of what I want to know. You have unions targeting you now. They think this is vulnerable Senate seat. They think this is a potential pickup for Democrats. And they are going after what they consider you to be callous on these entitlements. You say what to that.

HELLER: I'm going to move forward and I'm going to protect. I'm going to preserve these programs for those that are currently in the program. So I'm not going to change my direction. As I'm trying to point out, if we don't have growth in this economy, and as my opponent continues to vote to remove funds, half a trillion dollars out of these (INAUDIBLE).

That is the weakness right there. That is the problem we have with both Medicare and social security.

CAVUTO: Senator, thank you very much.

HELLER: Thank you.

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