Amazon-too far? Tonight, the fury over an online retailer getting a little too pushy.

"A ruthless, money-making devil." That's how the Managing Director of retailer Waterstone described Amazon's latest customer-baiting gambit.

James daunt calling Amazon’s new price check app and promotion a blatant attempt to poach shoppers right at the point of sale!

Actually, he's right. But Amazon sees nothing wrong.

It's simply developed a handy-dandy app that allows people to perform a price check on an item by scanning in the bar code on any iPhone or Android device.

Amazon for a short time is also happily offering a five-dollar discount to shoppers who carry out this bit of market research, on any item across its site. They're doing this two weeks before Christmas and other retailers call it war.

And to add insult to retail injury, charge Amazon with using its competitors' own merchandise as the weapon of choice.

But the brick and mortar guys have allies in this battle...calling up Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, who quickly demanded Amazon halt the price-check promo.

Quoting her ... "Small businesses are fighting everyday to compete with giant retailers, such as Amazon, and incentivizing consumers to spy on local shops is a bridge too far."

So far, Amazon not look for more price tag snoops while you're shopping.

There will be sales.

And oh yea, there will be blood.

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