3 Stocks on the Motley Fool Money Radar This Week

By Motley Fool Staff Markets Fool.com

In this segment fromMotley Fool Money, Chris Hill asks the teamshare the stocks they will be following this week and beyond, includingOaktree Capital (NYSE: OAK),Mindbody (NASDAQ: MB), and WageWorks (NYSE: WAGE).

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This video was recorded on May 12, 2017.

Chris Hill:Let's get to the stocks on our radar this week. Our manbehind the glass, Steve Broido,will hit you with a question. Ron Gross,you're up first,what are you looking at?

Ron Gross:I got a recent Total Incomerecommendation,Oaktree Capital, [ticker] OAK. They'rean investment management firmfounded by Howard Marks back in 1995. Areally enviable track record. They operate in alternative markets. Niceupside to the stock, I think,and they have a 6.3%dividend yield that lookspretty safe to me, nice and juicy yield there.

Hill:Steve, question about Oaktree Capital?

Steve Broido:Howwould I describe Oaktree to a friend?

Gross:Theymanage money for bigpension funds, insurance companies, throughclosed-end funds,open-end funds, anddifferent investment vehicles.

Hill:Seth Jayson,what are you looking at?

Seth Jayson:OK,everyone likes yoga, pilates,working out, going to the gym,doing theSoulCyclekind of thing, or the spin,whatever it is, I'm saying all these names, we'regoing to get sued. Anyway, thecompany isMindbody, [ticker] MB. Theyprovide a cloud-basedsolution for people in thatbusiness to run the businesses,to book the appointments,in addition to providing thesoftware they also have a marketplace thatlets you get rid of the appointments thatyou're not filling, do some marketing, they have a partnership that justcame online withGoogleto help fill these slots. They'renot yet profitable, but they're on the cusp and they'regrowing pretty quickly.

Hill:Steve, question about Mindbody?

Broido:Is there a one-stop shopfor this service for all businesses? Hair salons, where you'rebooking people, doesanyone own that space?

Jayson:That's the thing,nobody really does, and these folks are making anattempt at it. There's a lot of smaller andbigger companies that own pieces of it. They'reone of the first ones to try and do it all.

Hill:Jason Moser, what are you looking at?

Jason Moser:Looking atWageworks, [ticker] WAGE. They justreported a pretty good first quarter. This businessadministers consumer-directed benefit programs like flex health spending accounts andcommuter benefits and whatnot. They had a good first quarter, they have a goodpipeline of business herecoming down the line for the rest of 2017,big contracts with the U.S. government, which never hurts. And theydeveloped some very interesting partnerships withLyftand Uber to really help stoke some growth in their commuter benefits line of business. Generally speaking, looks like they do a pretty goodjob at what they do. Pretty healthy margins, profitable,cash flow positive, alot of reasons to like this business.

Hill:Steve, question about WageWorks?

Broido:Itseems like corporations arealways trying to spend less on things like employee benefits.

Moser:I think corporations are trying tofigure out ways to get their employees toprepare for things like this moreso, and that's why employers will tend to offer these types of programs. I think that'sone of the bigger challengesSteve, is getting employees toactually sign up for them and understand how they work.

Hill:Got a stock you want to add to your watch list, Steve?

Broido:I'm going with the yoga one.

Gross:Oh,come on, fixed.

Hill:[laughs] When was the last time you were in a shop like that?

Broido:Afew weeks ago, I tried yoga,it was pretty cool. Not a lie. True story.

Chris Hill has no position in any stocks mentioned. Jason Moser has no position in any stocks mentioned. Ron Gross has no position in any stocks mentioned. Seth Jayson owns shares of Mindbody. Steve Broido has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends Mindbody, Oaktree Capital, and WageWorks. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.