In search of calmer waters

By Freedom Capital Advisors Markets Covestor

A major market turn occurred in November and many investors were left bedazzled by the sudden and sharp moves of many sectors.

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While some sectors were enthusiastically bullish like cyclicals and materials, others were very bearish like bonds, utilities, and precious metals.

We believe people should still continue to be cautious in their investment choices and not get caught up in some of the hype around certain sectors.  



Value Stocks

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A lot of people were caught off guard and positioned a certain way and the sharp moves magnified any gains or losses.  

Be careful, let the market settle down before getting too bullish or bearish.

It appears the markets are still trying to digest what a Trump presidency will mean.

There are clearly signs of massive reallocation of assets and it may be several weeks before the dust settles and the picture becomes clearer.  

We still favor value stocks, given that we are into year eight of the current bull market, and we like gold over the long term due to increased prospect for higher growth and inflation prospects.

Photo Credit: James Wheeler via Flickr Creative Commons