3 Stocks That Could Make Huge Moves This Week

By Brian Stoffel Markets Fool.com

Most investors think of this as the sleepy time of the year. Many on Wall Street are taking a summer break, and it will be a while before the next earnings season hits in earnest. If you hold shares ofFuelCell Technology,Lululemon Athletica, orThe Men's Warehouse, however, you need to steel yourself.

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That's because the shares that you own are likely to make huge moves this week. All three companies are reporting earnings, and all have lots of investors selling their shares short -- or betting against their short-term success. When these two forces combine, volatility is almost always the result. In fact, the three companies I singled out in May moved an average of 11% following their earnings releases.

In order to keep cool when everyone around you is panicking -- or rejoicing -- check out the slideshow below to see what long-term investors should really be looking for when these three report.

Source: m01229, via Flickr, FuelCell, Men's Warehouse

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