Average US mortgage rates this week and for the past year, at a glance

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Average U.S. long-term rates rose for the third straight week, mortgage giant Freddie Mac reported Thursday.

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Here's a look at rates for fixed- and adjustable-rate mortgages this week and over the past year:

Current avg. Last week 52-week high 52-week low
30-year fixed 3.85 percent 3.80 percent 4.23 percent 3.59 percent
15-year fixed 3.07 percent 3.02 percent 3.37 percent 2.92 percent
5-year adjustable 2.89 percent 2.90 percent 3.05 percent 2.82 percent
1-year adjustable 2.48 percent 2.46 percent 2.49 percent 2.35 percent