Stocks Get a Dose of March Madness

By Auto FOXBusiness

Well, that was an ugly week! And frankly, it came right after I thought the bulls were in control!

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If there was a silver lining, though, it was the S&P 500 (GSPC) finding support at the former March low. Maybe the index can build from there, turning April sweet. If not, this long winter grows even longer with a drop to ’15 lows.

Brief Tesla (TSLA) update: the stock still looks terrible.

A few months ago, I noted Chevron (CVX) might be a good buy. It was, for a 10% gain. But, if you’re still holding it, it’s dropped back down again. Drats. So keep your stop right where you had it before, and pray for another rally.

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Back next week to celebrate the ninth month of winter.

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