Wall Street Finally Breaks Out

By Investing Basics FOXBusiness

Last week, I was curious to see if the market could finally break its funk.  It did and soundly on Friday.

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Of course, I’m always worried, this time about the market being overextended.  Still, it’s hard to fight the tape and breakouts like this have to be respected. 

It wasn’t a good week for defensive stocks, but I always like Dominion Resources (D) as a buy when it droops.  No better time to pick some up than when it’s near support.

Months ago, I was holding Twitter (TWTR) …and getting killed.  I had patience, though, and bought more as it slid.  Fortunately, it had a nearly 30% bounce and I was made whole again.  On the other hand, that 30% move hasn’t had a pause, so I’d wait for a pullback to start buying.

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Have a great holiday.  Back next week.

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