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A Look at 'Vacation' Stocks

By The Chartman FOXBusiness

I’m off to vacation for a few days, so I’m going to look at some “vacation” stocks today.

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Before I get to those, however, I wanted to see if the market has shaken the August Bear.  The answer is “no,” although at least it rose from the dead Thursday and Friday.

In fact, the rebound may continue, but until we see new highs, I’ll assume this is nothing more than a “dead cat bounce.”

As for vacation, we’re traveling to Orlando and staying onsite.  I like the fact that Disney (DIS) provides everything, and I don’t have to think much during the time we’re there.

But, is the stock a buy right now?  It certainly is in an ideal position.

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I hate airline travel, but driving is out of the question.  Therefore, it’s a quick flight (hopefully!) from DCA on US Airways (LCC).  They were the most direct, and cheapest, but I think the stock has more selling to do.

Back at you next week, rested and hopefully with a much more bullish market.

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