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Wall Street in Wait-and-See Mode

By The Chartman FOXBusiness

Have we entered the summer doldrums?  I ask because, all things considered, the market has gone pretty much nowhere for the past ten days.  There’s been excitement, of course:  Friday alone was a roller coaster.

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But, in looking just at the closes, we all could have been on a beach somewhere and not have missed a thing.

The sleepiness won’t last, but until the market breaks, I wouldn’t do much of anything.

In that vein, I wanted to come back to some old favorites, and show that while the stocks are good candidates for future trades, there’s nothing to do Monday morning.

The first is Apple (AAPL).  It showed some promise the past week, but it needs to strengthen up a bit more before I’d buy.

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EBAY (EBAY) is most definitely on my buy list and I almost snagged it last week.  I’ll wait, though, until it sinks a bit lower.

Can the market go THREE weeks without a budge?  I doubt it, so we’ll come back next week to see which direction it decided to head.

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