We Asked, You Answered: Will 2012 Bring Bull or Bear Market?

By Katy Finneran Markets FOXBusiness

An EU flag and an U.S. flag are pictured in front of the German Finance Ministry before a meeting between German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and U.S.Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in Berlin December 6, 2011. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz (... GERMANY - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS) (Reuters)

Markets have been battered all year long, and as 2011 comes to a close, there's no stopping the volatility that has been the hallmark of the entire year.   

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But what will 2012 bring? Between the European debt crisis and Iran, Wall Street's 2012 predictions remain unclear. So, @FoxBusiness took this question from Wall Street to Main Street, asking Twitter followers to share their 2012 market forecast using the hashtag #MyFoxBiz

Here's a compilation of your responses:

#myfoxbiz bear market. too much political and international uncertainty

@johnschambers #MyFoxBiz I hope that 2012 will be a bull market, but with the USA so immersed in Euro Zone woes, I have my doubts! We r mere lemmings.

@OElsag #MyFoxBiz I think we will see major financial collapse in many countries & increase in terrorist activity hurting global markets.

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@B_Long_Bullish. How else will Obama get re-elected? #MyFoxBiz

@SgtElzetta @FoxBusiness - My 2012 prediction? Pseudo-bull market as the dollar continues to decay making the DOW increase. #MyFoxBiz

@mattykeelen @FoxBusiness another tough year till we get a pro business president in 2013.

@Marc_TR6 @FoxBusiness The difference between now and the mess in 1929 is our 15 trillion debt. We are in for major problems in coming years!

@EBoov @FoxBusiness lets hope Bull so we can finally make some money

@Beckie213 Bear! --> :( RT @FoxBusiness: Will 2012 bring bull or bear markets? We want to hear YOUR predictions! Just Tweet using the hashtag #MyFoxBiz

@Tlukes1 The US has been experiencing deflation from this past August to now and a QE3 will have to be created. BULL #MyFoxBiz

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These market predictions are those of @FoxBusiness followers and are in no way a direct reflection of FOX Business' market forecast.

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