LONDON -(Dow Jones)- British Airways PLC (BAY.LN) said Monday it isn't laying on extra flights to bring back stranded passengers from politically unstable Tunisia to the United Kingdom.

A BA spokesman said the airline continues to run a normal schedule with a flight returning back to the U.K. Monday. The next planned flight is for Wednesday.

The airline has come under criticism for continuing to fly people to the north African country after a state of emergency was declared and its leader forced out of power.

The U.K.'s Foreign and Commonwealth Office Friday advised against non-essential travel to Tunisia due to the political unrest.

Some 5,000 U.K. tourists were in Tunisia Friday. Some 3,300 people were booked with tour operators.

The U.K. units of Thomas Cook Group PLC (TCG.LN) and TUI Travel PLC (TT.LN) have said they have now pretty much brought all their customers home.

Thomas Cook Group's Chief Executive Manny Fontenla-Novoa said Sunday: "The well-being of our customers has always been our primary concern and we are arranging for a further flight going out this afternoon to bring back those holidaymakers who have now confirmed they'd like to return." It repatriated 80 people back to the U.K. Sunday, who had originally wanted to stay on.

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