PARIS -(Dow Jones)- French airline Air France-KLM (AF.FR, AFLYY) has cancelled its flights from France to Tunisia Saturday, where violent protests around the country apparently have forced president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali to flee.

"Our flights are cancelled today," a spokesman for the airline said, adding: "We will see how the situation develops later [Saturday]" before deciding about flights on Sunday.

The spokesman said Air France runs three flights daily from Paris to Tunisia and another three from other French cities. He couldn't say how many passengers were stranded in Tunisia and couldn't say when flights might resume.

France has a large population of people derived from North Africa.

Agence France Press reported the Tunisian strongman had fled the country for Saudi Arabia Friday amid deadly social protests, ending a 23-year reign in power and possibly opening the door to democracy in the North African state.

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