Former House of Representatives Republican Leader Tom DeLay will spend three years in prison after a jury found him guilty of money laundering and conspiracy.

At a sentencing hearing on Monday a Texas judge sentenced DeLay to a five-year sentence for money laundering and three years for conspiracy. The judge allowed DeLay to serve 10 years probation in lieu of the five-year term, but ordered him to serve the three-year term with no probation.

"Judge, I can't be remorseful for something I don't think I did," DeLay said before Senior Judge Pat Priest handed down the sentence. "I fought the fight, ran the race and kept the faith."

DeLay, dubbed "The Hammer" for his hard-driving style, was found guilty on November 24 of conspiring to illegally funnel $190,000 in corporate campaign donations to Republican candidates for the Texas Legislature in the 2002 elections.