Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview on the Fox Business Network Tuesday that a nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to the global economy.

 “It would be a global threat,” Netanyahu told Fox Business anchors Liz Claman and David Asman. “Iran’s reach is far and wide. A nuclear Iran would be a global economic threat.”

For that reason, Iran’s efforts to obtain nuclear weapons is not a problem for Israel alone. “It has to be dealt with by the international community,” said Netanyahu.

The Israeli leader said he is pleased that President Barack Obama “is determined” to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear arms.

Netanyahu said he doesn’t believe the U.S. midterm elections will change Israel’s relationship with Washington, D.C.  Republicans took control of the House of Representatives last week as voters swept more than 60 Democratic Congressman from office.

“The outgoing Congress was friendly to Israel, the incoming congress will be friendly to Israel,” said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu said he hopes peace negotiations with Palestinians will start again soon. Peace, he said, is good for economies across the Middle East.

“Peace is good for the economy, the economy is good for peace,” he said.

Netanyahu said a fiscal policy that has successfully combined government spending cuts, lower taxes and fewer obstacles to competition has helped Israel’s economy grow at a healthy 4% clip.

That’s helped attract a growing number of high-tech companies such as Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO).

“We’re a small niche economy, a high-tech free market economy,” he said “We’ve essentially become an export-driven, high-tech economy.”