The biggest loser from the election isn’t any particular candidate. It’s an institution. It’s an institution with many parts, including but not limited to the mainstream media, a leftist political class that includes George Soros, members of Congress and even parts of the White House, all of whom have utterly failed to defeat the Tea Party movement. 

Ever since the movement got started in angry town hall meetings and Internet chat rooms, this group has tried to shut it down.

Not since the campaign against Ronald Reagan in 1980 have the media and the political class tried so hard, and failed so miserably, to distort and denigrate a legitimate political movement based on limited government.

And despite their claims to sophistication, their failed attacks began in the gutter -- with name calling, like Nancy Pelosi calling angry citizens "Astroturf," and media broadcasters using an obscene reference for what they called "tea-baggers." 

And from infantile name calling it got even worse -- misreporting the supposedly white cracker core of the movement, an idea that conflicted with the strong tea party credentials of folks like Col. Alan West and former NAACP chapter president C.L. Bryant.

Given this history of distortion, we didn't find it surprising that a group of local television reporters and producers were plotting to find ways to link Alaskan candidate Joe Miller with child molesters. We cheered Sarah Palin for describing such plots as the work of "corrupt bastards."

Occasionally the misreporting is more subtle, like "60 Minutes," trying to argue that tax hiker David Stockman was the architect of Ronald Reagan's economic policy, when in fact Stockman fought Reagan's agenda tooth and nail. Thankfully, Reagan ignored Stockman, stuck with supply-side tax cuts, and the nation saw seven straight years of spectacular economic growth. But of course, that wasn't mentioned in the report.

But it's not just the lies and distortions. There are also the sins by omission. The media went crazy with the Rand Paul stomper last week, but there's been very little mention of the knife attack on a Tea Party candidate from upstate NY, Dr. Jill Rowland.

Still, for all the propaganda, voters are not buying into it. The insults, lies and mischaracterizations just don't jive with reality. It's similar to President Obama trying to convince folks that we could insure an extra 30 million people for free. It doesn't make sense. 

And common sense is what this election is really about. The common sense of returning to what's worked for us in the past, and getting rid of what's not working now. To suggest that such thinking is somehow “extremist,” “primitive,” or “racist” shows the complete bankruptcy of ideas that rely on deception to survive.