2010 Week 6 – Keeping up in the AFC South. 

Going into week 6, there was a four-way tie in the AFC South. With both Houston and Indianapolis winning on Sunday, the winner between the Titans (3-2) and the Jaguars (3-2) will keep pace in the division while the loser will fall a game behind in the competitive division. The Titans have won both of their road games this season and go into Jacksonville in their first divisional game with a league leading 22 sacks in 5 games. Vince Young has looked good the last three games throwing four touchdowns and no interceptions. Running back Chris Johnson was back in practice last Friday after resting a sore thigh and appears to be ready to go.

The Jaguars will have to protect QB David Garrard from the surprisingly effective Titan pass.  RB Maurice Jones-Drew is going to have to keep them on their toes with the running game.  Garrard has been managing games well and continues to develop a good chemistry with TE Marcedes Lewis. 

FOX Business has evaluated the win/loss and stock market statistics over the past 20 seasons of Monday night NFL games and come up with a Monday Night Markets (MNM) rank for each team based on their record and the prior week’s market activity.  Let’s take a look at what the markets have to say.

The Dow Industrials ended last week up 0.51% and the S&P 500 was up as well closing out the week with a gain of 0.95% with both indexes on a two week winning streak.  The markets were on a short trading week after the Columbus Day holiday as the continuing impact from the foreclosure crisis drove financial stocks down.  Those market losses were offset by gains in the tech sector after strong third quarter results from Google and Intel and the possibility of additional stimulus action from the Fed.

Over the past 20 years, the Titans have played 22 Monday night games and based on our calculations have a Monday night rank of .462 when the Dow closes the prior week up and .375 when the S&P 500 is up giving them a MNM rank for this week of .419.

During the same 20 year period, the Jaguars have played 12 Monday night games and have a rank of .714 when the Dow is up and .667 when the S&P 500 is up giving them an MNM rank this week of .691.

Monday Night Markets picks the Jacksonville Jaguars to win at home and go to 4-2.

2010 Monday Night Markets picks: 3-3



Week 6 FBN Staff Picks: Titans vs. Jaguars

Chris Cotter

I am surprised that the Jags are off to a 3-2 start. I won’t be so surprised when they take it to 4-2 and sit atop the AFC South after Monday’s night’s win over the Titans. Jags QB David Garrard should not be as effective as he has been and RB Maurice Jones-Drew should not be rivaling Chris Johnson as the premier back in the conference, but they are, and they will continue to do so at home Monday with a solid intra-division win.

Season: 4-2