NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former Xerox CorpChief Executive Anne Mulcahy has not been approached by theObama administration to succeed Larry Summers as White Houseeconomic advisor, and adds that the job would not be "a goodfit."

Mulcahy, who served as an economic advisor to Barack Obamaduring the U.S. presidential transition, is believed to be aleading candidate to replace Summers, who coordinates economicpolicy for the president as director of the White HouseNational Economic Council. Last week, he announced plans tostep down at the end of the year.

In an interview on CNBC, Mulcahy, 57, who has been creditedwith revitalizing Xerox before she retired in 2009, said thatthe admninistration has sought her advice about dealing withthe business community. But regarding the White House job, shesaid: "I think that that's not a good fit for me."

"I think it's really a policy and process role, and clearlythere is a role there for, you know, a serious economist, aswell as somebody who's got business savvy," she said. "I thinkthey'll have other candidates that will be a better fit forthat job."

Mulcahy added that the she has been approached by the Obamaadministration about contributing in some other capacity.

Speculation on a successor has focused on prominentbusiness leaders that might help Obama counter criticism thathis administration lacks senior officials with businessexpertise. (Reporting by Franklin Paul; Editing by Derek Caney)