NEW YORK (Reuters) - State Senator EricSchneiderman is the Democratic candidate for New York attorneygeneral. Some facts about him:

* Schneiderman, 55, grew up in New York City and attendedAmherst College and Harvard Law School. He describes himself asa "lifelong progressive Democrat."

* As an attorney in private practice, he representedcommuters in suits against the Metropolitan Transit Authority,tenants trying to evict drug dealers from their buildings andwomen's health clinics harassed by anti-abortion groups.

* Schneiderman was elected to the state senate in 1998,representing parts of Manhattan and the Bronx.

* In January, he led a bipartisan committee whoseinvestigation of fellow Democratic Senator Hiram Monserrateprompted the chamber to expel Monserrate after he was convictedof a misdemeanor assault for hurting his girlfriend.

* During the primary, Schneiderman was endorsed by the NewYork Times and many of the state's high-profile Democrats.

* He spent two years as a deputy sheriff in ruralMassachusetts. (Reporting by Basil Katz; Editing by Bill Trott)