LONDON (Reuters) - Ryanair, Europe'sbiggest low-cost airline, could be in the market for up to 300aircraft, the company's chief executive was quoted as saying inan interview Wednesday.

Ryanair had pulled out of talks last year to buy 200 jetsfrom Boeing after failing to agree on certainconditions.

But Michael O'Leary told the Financial Times there wasstill the option of buying not only the 200 Boeing jets -- worth about $15 billion -- but up to 300 from either Boeing orits rival Airbus. Airbus's parent is EADS .

He said he saw no airline on the market worth buying.

O'Leary also told the paper that he is seeking permissionfrom aviation authorities to use only one pilot per flight as away to cut back on costs.

"It would save the entire industry a fortune," O'Learysaid. (Reporting by Karolina Tagaris; editing by Carol Bishopric)