Stock futures were pointing toward a lower opening after Japanese GDP growth came in less than expected at 0.4% and the New York Manufacturing index showed lower-than-expected growth of 7.1%.

Here are some early-market movers for Monday.


Shares soared 85.3% in pre-market trading after the data storage company announced it had agreed to be acquired by Dell for $1.2 billion in cash or $18 per share.

Synutra International (NASDAQ: SYUT)

Shares of the Chinese infant formula company jumped 23.4% in pre-market trading after the Chinese health ministry said an investigation had found no evidence of contamination in milk powder after reports that it had caused infant girls to exhibit signs of premature sexual development.

Strayer Education Inc (NASDAQ: STRA)

Shares were down 15% in pre-market trading after the Department of Education’s analysis showed significant difference from the company’s internal analysis of loan repayment rates which is a significant piece of the government’s proposed rules on for profit education companies.

Corinthian Colleges (NASDAQ: COCO)

Shares of the post-secondary education company dipped 9.9% in pre-market trading Monday ahead of stricter regulations by the Obama administration around the for-profit education sector which could see reductions in programs and students.

Nelnet Inc. (NNI)

The education finance company agreed Friday to pay $55 million to the government to settle claims that it made false statements in order to receive larger subsidies for originating federally guaranteed student loans. Shares fell 9.3% in pre-market trading Monday.

Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NYSE: WPI)

Shares were down 5.6% in pre-market trading Monday despite Friday’s announcement that the FDA had approved the company’s Ella emergency contraception pill.