From our privacy to our property, Judge Napolitano explores whether ‘We the People’ are getting the freedom we deserve. Catch The Judge as he takes on some of the most hotly-debated issues facing Americans today and seeks to make sure your rights aren’t being wronged. Don’t miss ‘Freedom Week’ – August 9 through August 13 at 9 p.m. ET only on the FOX Business Network.

Monday: Privacy

Modern-day trips to the airport have never been great experiences, and since the security changes made after September 11, they've gotten even worse.  Don't even think of bringing more than a certain amount of liquid.  Need to carry on a spare battery for your laptop?  Forget it!  And no one wants to smell everyone’s feet every time they take off their shoes to walk through security. Now, the Transportation Security Administration may be scanning you, and the Department of Homeland Security might even be keeping pictures of you in the buff!  In the new world of security cameras, GPS trackers, and data collection, find out who’s keeping your private information out of the government’s hands.


Tuesday: War

Many of the Americans who sought “change” in the White House voted with hopes that Barack Obama would end the wars in the Middle East.  Almost two years later, troops have faced the bloodiest month yet in Afghanistan.  Regardless of your political orientation or whether you’re an Obama fan, you’ll want to hear about the real costs of war.


Wednesday: Property Rights

Think that’s your house you’re living in and paying the mortgage on?  Maybe not. With the abuse of eminent domain and the dangerous precedent set by the infamous Kelo Supreme Court case, your land is at risk of being confiscated by the government… and in some cases even given to someone else.  One of the most important constitutional freedoms Americans enjoy is the right to property.  And without it, there is no freedom.

Thursday: Free Speech

It's America: you can speak your mind whenever you like.  Think again!  The Constitution’s First Amendment protects your right to speech, but there are some things you can’t say.  Want to run a political ad?  Make sure it doesn’t violate campaign finance laws.  Want to express your philosophical support for a group your government recently changed its classification of to a terrorist organization?  Don’t risk it.


Friday: Contracts

Without contracts, and a government that enforces them, commerce can never thrive.  If two people want to make a contract with each other, why should someone else come along and tell them they can’t?  That someone else, more often than not, is the government through rules, regulations, and countless intrusive agencies.