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Nasdaq 'Flash Freeze:' The Fallout

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POLL: Did Flash Freeze Impact Your Confidence in the Market?

We want to hear from you! How are you feeling about the market after Nasdaq's "Flash Freeze" yesterday? 

Nasdaq CEO Defends Exchange After 'Flash Freeze'

The Nasdaq pened normally Friday after the three-hour market outage dubbed the "Flash Freeze." Its CEO defended the exchange's actions in an interview with FOX Business.

What Brought Down the Nasdaq?

FBN’s Adam Shapiro on the growing speculation on what led to the Nasdaq’s flash freeze.

Markets Getting Used to Tech Glitches

Riverfront Investment Group’s Michael Jones argues the markets are starting to get used to computer glitches and bugs.

NASDAQ-Listed Company CEOs Have Mixed Emotions on Freeze

FBN's Liz Claman on how CEOs of NASDAQ-listed companies reacted to the trade freeze.

NASDAQ's Reputation Impacted

Ben Willis of Albert Fried & Co. on the lasting impact on the NASDAQ’s reputation in the wake of other trading glitches.

Will Flash Freeze Give Investors Cold Feet?

After the Nasdaq’s three-hour trade halt, some investment strategists are asking if the average investor will be feeling any less confident in the market.

Cold Hard Truth: 'Flash Freeze' Shows Increasing Complexity of Equity Markets

A glitch that brought the Nasdaq all-electronic market grinding to a halt Thursday afternoon further highlights the complexity of today’s markets, giving birth to a new series of crashes and glit...

'Flash Freeze' on Wall Street: Nasdaq Trading Resumes After 3-Hour Halt

Trading in all $5.65 trillion of Nasdaq-listed securities was halted for more than three hours on Thursday due to a technical glitch, representing the latest stark example of how complex equity mar...

Traders React to Nasdaq 'Flash Freeze'

Trading of all Nasdaq-listed securities was halted Thursday afternoon. As the halt neared the two-hour mark, traders provided some reaction to the halt and growing market complexity. 

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