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They lead you to temptation, but does it pay to give in? All day Friday, FOX Business explores the merits of investing in Sin Stocks. From tobacco and booze to porn and gambling, what’s the best way to capitalize on the business of vice? 

The Vice Fund selects stocks of tobacco, alcohol, gaming, and weapons/defense companies because they believe that these industries tend to thrive regardless of the economy as a whole.
Top Holdings
Altria Group Inc.
Philip Morris International, Inc.
Las Vegas Sands Corp
Lorillard, Inc.
Honeywell International, Inc.
Diageo PLC
Boeing Co
United Technologies Corp

Latest Coverage on the Business of Vice:

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Hustler founder Larry Flynt on the business revenue from pornography and the change in the industry.

A Boom in Bourbon

FBN’s Jeff Flock discusses the consistent growth in bourbon sales with seventh-generation Jim Beam distiller Fred Noe.

Beware: Shun Sin Stocks At Your Own Risk

 Investors who steer clear of traditional 'sin' stocks may be keeping their conscience clean at the cost of more lucrative returns.

The Spirits of Jim Beam Bourbon Booming

Beam Master distiller Fred Noe weighs in on growth in the bourbon industry.

The Adult Porn Business is Up 13%

FBN’s Liz Claman reports from Penthouse, weighing in on the growing porn industry.

Are Tobacco Companies Hurting?

FBN’s Robert Gray reports on how a decrease in Americans who smoke has affected tobacco companies.

Betting on Vice Over Virtue in ETFs

Consumers are always tempted to indulge in various 'vices', giving investors’ confidence that these industries will always have business regardless of an economic downturn.

Cashing in on Online Gambling

Former Senator Al D’Amato on whether we need a nationwide federal push to allow online gambling.

From Wall Street to Vegas: One Pro Gambler’s Story

Ex-Wall Street trader and professional poker player Andrew Frankenberger discusses his transition from trading to gambling, and the similarities betwe...

Would You Shell Out $50K To Invest in Pot?

ArcView Group CEO Troy Dayton talks the business of marijuana.

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